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Interventions at Westmoor


Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a research-based intervention with the prime goals of accelerating literacy learning and reducing reading and writing difficulties.  This is done by targeting those students in Year One who may be at risk of developing issues in literacy as time goes on and falling behind their peers.


The programme identifies students experiencing reading and writing difficulties after their first year of school and provides an intensive, individually designed and individually delivered series of lessons for 30 minutes each day.  These lessons are in addition to the ongoing literacy activities in the classroom.


Reading Recovery was developed in the 1980s and is used all over the world as an effective literacy intervention.  The programme is delivered by a specially trained teacher in a dedicated environment and involves reading, letter and word work and writing.  The teacher aims to develop the child into a reader and writer and to give them skills and strategies to become confident and independent in the classroom.


Through intensive daily lessons, Reading Recovery generally brings the lowest literacy performers up to average classroom levels within as short a time as possible. Reading Recovery’s goal is for students to fully participate in classroom activities with their average peers.


Boosting Reading Potential (BRP)

BRP is a short term 10 week 1-1 programme that provides intensive support for selected pupils who are in danger of falling behind in reading.  It is for pupils who can read but not very efficiently, or without understanding and enjoyment.  The main aim is to develop independent reading, comprehension skills and strategies and to enable pupils to access a wider range of reading material more confidently.


The BRP programme is a light touch intervention for pupils who do not need the intensive support of Reading Recovery.  BRP can also offer some further support for those who have finished the Reading Recovery programme to help them make the transition back to classroom teaching.  BRP is delivered outside the classroom by a trained Teaching Assistant three times a week.



1stClass@Number is a light touch maths intervention.  It aims to help children in years 1 to 4 who have moderate difficulties in maths to make faster progress and to catch up with their peers.


A specially trained Teaching Assistant delivers 1stClass@Number to a small group of children, three times a week, outside the classroom as a supplement to their daily maths lessons.   Children receive about 24 lessons in about eight weeks.  The programme complements Numbers Count, the intensive, teacher-led intervention for children who have the greatest difficulty in maths.  



Success@Arithmetic is a light touch calculation-based intervention for learners in years 5 and 6 who have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency.  It helps them to make accelerated progress to catch up with their peers and become confident at calculation. 


A specially trained Teaching Assistant delivers Success@Arithmetic to a small group of children, three times a week, outside the classroom as a supplement to their daily maths lessons.  The programme runs for about 8 weeks.

RWI Phonics

Read Write Inc is a phonics programme that combines letters, phrases and pictures to help children develop and strengthen their phonics skills and spelling.  Small groups work with trained Teaching Assistants 2 or 3 times a week. 


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