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Westmoor Primary are proud to be taking part in St Oswald's Elmer's Great North Parade.
From Wednesday 21st August until Sunday 27th October, Tyne and Wear will welcome a spectacular trail, Elmer's Great North Parade, which will feature 65 individually designed elephants and smaller School designed elephants based on the much loved children's character, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.
Westmoor are proudly adopting an elephant and decorating him with our unique design before he heads out on the trail. We are also proud to be fundraising for St Oswald's this academic year alongside the trail.
This page will showcase all the wonderful Elmer activities the school has participated in and show how we have raised money for St Oswald's.
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Fundraising for Elmer- Total so far £610.60
Carol Singing at Morrisons and Lidl - in the run up to Christmas, our choir went and sang carols at both Morrisons and Lidl. They were absolutely brilliant and drew in a large crowd both times. Whilst singing they collected money for St Oswald's Hospice. They raised a fantastic £240 altogether!
Valentines Day Hampers- Westmoor raffled off 2  Valentines Day Hampers. All proceeds went to St Oswald's Hospice. We raised £68
Choir Recording Studio CD- Westmoor's choir went to Steam Recording Studio to record three tracks: Hold Back the River, Something Inside So Strong and Touch the Sky. They then sold the CD's in school and raised a brilliant £110.
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Have you herd our news?

Elmer Day- On 24th May 2019, Westmoor held an Elmer Day. On that day everyone came in dressed in multi- colours and an optional £1 was donated to St Oswald's Hospice. Children enjoyed a carousel of activities that day. One of the activities was creating an individualized Elmer  out of a milk bottle. All children then paraded at the end of the day. It was a fun and colourful activity! The day raised £192.60
Elmore Than Meets The Eye
Our very own Elmer arrived in school on 30th April 2019. He was introduced to the whole school by Natalie from St Oswald's. The children are now working hard on decorating Elmore Than Meets The Eye ready for him to be sent out on the trail. We are all very excited to see him finished. 
 From a distance, Elmore Than Meets The Eye looks like patchwork Elmer, however, as you get closer and investigate you can see how passionate Westmoor Primary is about Outdoor Play and Learning. Elmore Than Meets The Eye shows the concept of embracing diversity in the outdoors. The harder you look, the more you will find.