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Wellbeing Award for Schools

In partnership with National Children's Bureau, we were awarded the nationally recognised Wellbeing Award for Schools in July 2019.  The award focuses on promoting the emotional wellbeing of both staff and pupils. 

The award:

  • Promotes mental health as part of everyday school life

  • Improves the emotional wellbeing of staff and pupils

  • Identifies mental health problems early and offer appropriate support

  • Ensures people know the importance of mental health awareness

  • Includes opinions and suggestions from parents, pupils and staff

In November last year an anonymous questionnaire was sent out to all parents on Seesaw.  Staff and children in school (Years 3,4,5,&6) also completed the questionnaire.  By clicking on the buttons below you can see all of the responses.

We have an appointed Change Team who are dedicated to working towards and promoting the award.

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Mrs D Greenwell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Murphy

Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs C Tennant

Inclusion Manager

Mr Davis

Parent Governor

Mrs S Trundley


Mrs J Woodward

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bland

Parent Governor

After analysing the responses from the whole school community an Action Plan was put together, which can be viewed by clicking below.

An assembly on Wednesday 24th April by the School Council launched the 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing approach that Westmoor are promoting.

Each class had a PSHCE lesson to talk about how they could use the 5 steps to help themselves develop their emotional wellbeing.  The School Council designed a poster that can be seen around school.   Look at the NHS site below for more details of the 5 steps approach.


School Council Assembly

The children and staff were reminded of the Wellbeing Award for Schools and the importance of our emotional health as well as our physical health.

See the introduction powerpoint here




The school Council then unveiled their poster design shown above and spoke about each of the 5 steps to mental wellbeing and how we can help ourselves to be emotionally healthy and happy. 

They began by showing this video below.





















The award accreditation lasts until 2022 when we will seek to renew our commitment to the wellbeing of all children, staff and





If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email cath.tennant@ntlp.org.uk

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Wellbeing Award for Schools

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