Westmoor Primary School

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Pupil Premium Funding 2014-2015

The pupil premium funding received by Westmoor Primary school for 2014- 2015 is £42,800.


How is the funding being used?

Continued partial funding of an ECAR and ECC teacher.  Increased training of further teaching assistants for intervention packages. In addition to Boosting Reading Potential (BRP) and First Class at Number this now includes Success at Arithmetic.


A comprehensive continued professional development programme for all support staff. This is weekly and includes guidance from Speech and Language and Educational Psychology Services.


Investment in key intervention resources to ensure consistency in approach across the school. Comprehensive training has been delivered by the SENCO to support staff. Instrumentally these packages provide a pre and post assessment so that progress can be measured and impact quantified.

Funding of the FSM children in Y6 to go to London alongside their peers.



Whilst not measurable, teaching assistant confidence has increased in terms of providing effective targetted support. At the end of Autumn term, pupil progress data will be available to quantify effectiveness of delivery of the programmes. Positive parental comments have been recieved regarding impact of programmes in terms of child confidence, engagement in the programme and outcomes.


All FSM children went to London.