Westmoor Primary School

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Pupil Premium Funding 2013-2014

The pupil premium funding received by Westmoor Primary school for 2013- 2014 is £30,600.


How was the funding used?

Continued partial funding of an ECAR and ECC teacher. Training of 3 teaching assistants for Better Reading Partnerships (BRP) and First Class at Numbers.


Whole staff training facilitated by the ECC and ECAR teacher.


Purchase of YARK assessment (Literacy) and Sandwell (Numeracy).


Funding of the FSM children in Y6 to go to London alongside their peers.



This allows us to target support into specific classes. Primarily year 6, for whom Key Stage 1 results were lower than our average as a cohort. Also, targeted support into year 1 and 2 for every morning. This is to impact upon literacy and numeracy in particular. We have utilised the skills of our existing Every Child Counts (ECC) and Every Child a Reader (ECAR) teacher, to train existing teaching assistants in the best methods to provide highly effective targeted support. The purchased assessments ensure that we can assess all eligible children, to provide individual learning needs analysis for targeted intervention.